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Why work with us?

IT Crowdsource is a full-stack IT sourcing platform for all sorts of organisations. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small startup company or a large global enterprise. Our business model is suitable for every organisation.

We believe in the power of the crowd! Therefore we have chosen to work with the finest service partners and professionals around the globe. So what’s our added value? Our organisation consists of professionals who are highly experienced in managing, delivering and designing IT services. Let’s say, we’re your virtual IT organisation-as-a-Service.

We can support your organisation on all aspects by following the Consult, Design, Build, Manage principles..
A few examples are: designing and building software or infrastructure solutions, managing software or infrastructure projects or programs, turnkey delivery of (managed) services and software or infrastructure solutions, contract and supplier management, architecture implementation, technical advisory, troubleshooting and so on…
Basically we can deliver all aspects that a full scale IT organisation encompasses. We can handle small specific tasks or even manage the entire IT environment for you.

Well you might say, is this outsourcing? In some kind of way this is true. But the major difference is that we provide you more flexibility and control because we’re vendor neutral. We have developed a special supplier marketplace to always ensure the best price and quality for the services we deliver. We’re also actively screening and a rating the performance of our suppliers.

We provide you a smart mixture of IT services in an uniform way. We can work with local partners in your neighbourhood for on premise support and for example high-end specialists abroad to support your business critical applications.

In essence, IT Crowdsource is connecting the “sourcing” dots for you in an easily accessible way. We can unburden you on a variety of areas.

Just try us out! Send a short message about your demand, we can provide you a free initial consultation with no strings attached.

This is where we stand for

  • Your satisfaction is our key driver
  • We deliver good work in an affordable way for all business sizes
  • We are an easy going professional team with a  no-nonsense attitude
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