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Why work with us?

IT Crowdsource is a full-stack IT sourcing platform for all sorts of organisations. We offer IT services to small start-ups but also large global enterprises. Our service model is suitable for every kind of organisation.

We are a crowd oriented company that chooses to work with the finest service partners and professionals around the globe.  We’re aiming to get the best out of the existing IT market and deliver it to your organisation.

Our organisation consists of consultants, architects and managers who are highly experienced in managing, delivering and designing IT services.

We can either act as an extension of your IT department,  become your IT department or even take over the control of your existing IT organisation or provider(s).

Let’s say, we’re your virtual IT organisation-as-a-Service!

So… what are our added values?


  • We screen and pick the best providers and professionals and constantly review the performance of them
  • We ensure proper delivery of services and projects by constantly assessing and controlling the imposed  requirements
  • We follow established industry standards to deliver services and projects


  • We offer finely meshed services, from doing small tasks, providing temporary specialist till the delivery of complex projects or managed services
  • We are flexible in terms of capacity and knowledge because we have a vast base of professionals and service providers
  • We support organisations of all sizes

Just a single point of contact

  • We act as the overall provider on behalf of our network of professionals and providers
  • We offer a uniform service delivery process across multiple providers
  • We offer a simplified accounts payable and contracting processes, just one place to handle your IT contracts and expenses


  • We’re acting supplier or service provider independent (lock-in minimised)
  • We’re technology and product agnostic

Cost efficiency

  • We keep the prices as low as possible by utilising our internal marketplace where professionals and providers compete with each other
  • We only deliver what you really need, no excess services, no overhead or other type of unwanted  expenditures

Highly focused on your business

  • We are a strategic partner for your organisation because we understand your business objectives
  • We take your business processes into account while delivering services or projects
  • We think along and help you further improve your business by correctly applying IT strategies that support your business

Just try us out!

Send a short message about your demand, we can provide you a free initial consultation with no strings attached.

This is where we stand for

  • Your satisfaction is our key driver
  • We deliver good work in an affordable way for all business sizes
  • We are an easy going professional team with a  no-nonsense attitude
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