Our services

Management consultancy

Hulp nodig bij het beheer van uw IT-diensten, landschap of organisatie? Wij helpen u met het definiëren van de juiste KPI’s, beleid en een overkoepelende strategie. Zo beheerst u uw diensten, landschap en organisatie optimaal.

Alignment with business processes

Inzicht in uw bedrijfsprocessen is essentieel voor de ontwikkeling van IT-diensten. Wij voeren een analyse uit op uw bedrijfsprocessen (BPM) en zorgen zo voor een optimale afstemming met de IT-diensten.

Enterprise Architecture

We build the right IT strategy for your business using the business architecture. We have adopted the TOGAF framework and Archimate standards to describe the current and desired future state of your business and IT services. We offer you a long-term roadmap after identifying the gaps between the current and desired future state of your IT services, landscape and organization. The result is that the IT services effectively and efficiently support your business objectives.

Solution Architecture

Devising a good software or infrastructure solution can be a daunting task. Our solution experts have extensive experience in designing solutions for your business. We take all aspects into account when designing the right solution for your company, such as: legislation, compliance, technology, availability, safety, scalability, standards, interoperability, etcetera. Our software and infrastructure solutions are future proof!

Business applications

Understanding the nature of your business processes is essential for the development of IT services. We carry out an analysis of your business processes (BPM) and ensure proper alignment with the IT services. In this way, IT services efficiently support your business.


We help your company keep pace with developments in the field of safety. Through a thorough analysis of your processes, IT landscape, organization and legal context, we provide the right measures to protect your business and business information. We offer both technical and process measures to control security.

Operational management

We help make the IT environment run smoothly for you. We use ITIL-based processes such as incident management, request fulfilment, problem management, IT operations control, application and technical management. We also use the service strategy and design processes to handle incoming requests from your company. Our CSI (Continuous Service Improvement) process ensures the quality of IT services. Changes are implemented in a controlled way through our service transition process.

Project management

Our certified project managers (PMP/PRlNCE2) are able to manage the most complex projects. We make a thorough analysis of your project and take care of the entire project lifecycle. Our project experts are well trained to divide projects into bite-sized and manageable pieces. This gives you full control over the project schedule, the budget and the quality of the deliverables. We also ensure a healthy project organization.

Program management

We build the right IT strategy for your business using the business architecture. We have adopted the TOGAF framework and Archimate standards to describe the current and desired future state of your business and IT services. We offer you a long-term roadmap after identifying the gaps between the current and desired future state of your IT services, landscape and organization. The result is that the IT services effectively and efficiently support your business objectives.

Contract management

We help your organization to get and keep contracts under control. We have extensive knowledge of drafting, assessing or managing contracts. We can also implement a contract management process tailored to your company.

Financial optimisation

We can help you identify the cost structures and triggers within your entire IT environment (people, processes and technology). After a thorough analysis, we can guide you to further improve cost control. We can define both short and long term cost saving programs. Our architects can help you define new IT strategies to further improve cost control in the future.

Business continuity management

Managing business continuity from an IT perspective can be challenging and costly and you don't make the right decisions. Our experts can advise you on business continuity strategies for your core business processes. We carefully align your business critical processes with the IT landscape. With this approach, we can efficiently increase the continuity of your business by only taking measures on the IT systems that support these critical processes. In this way, your IT budget is spent efficiently.

Reporting systems

We can provide you with the right insights into your company data. We can also help you identify important control information for your organization and build the right stakeholder oriented dashboards. Our consultants will guide you in identifying your key data and KPIs.

Big data

We can help you use your data more efficiently and effectively. The management and proper use of large amounts of structured and unstructured data is becoming increasingly complex for organisations. That's why we offer big data strategies to give back control of your data. After establishing a good big data strategy, the data can be analyzed for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business movements. Big data can significantly improve your business operations!

Machine learning

Are you ready to embrace the innumerable possibilities of machine learning? For example, machine learning can help your company provide help, advice or make the right decisions. Some use cases are: anomaly detection, forecasts, advice, planning, process automation, language processing, sound and image processing. The possible applications are virtually innumerable. Let us help you identify the areas where machine learning can be useful for your business!

Web development

We have a broad team of developers specializing in all aspects of web development. We support (but are not limited to) the following languages, frameworks and databases: PHP, JAVA, HTML CSS, Jquery, VB, python, GO, JavaScript, Ruby, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, MS SQL, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Laravel, Codelgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Vue, React, Angular and so on.

Mobile app development

We can develop different types of Android and IOS apps for your business. From a simple app that provides basic information or services to an advanced app that helps your users or customers make decisions or provides (machine learning assisted) guidance. Our apps provide seamless support for your core business processes or tasks while you're on the go!


We support various e-commerce platforms, a few examples are: Magento, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Zen Cart OpenCart, Shopify, BigCommerce, 3Dcart, Wix and so on. Our developers are able to support a wide range of platforms and integrations.

Embedded software

We can help you build the right embedded software for controlling (industrial) machines or business devices. From the control of complex reliable robots to small function specific devices that require a high stability. We offer support for the following programming languages for building and maintaining embedded software systems: Assembly, C/C++, Python, JAVA, JavaScript.

UX and Ul design

Creating applications that respond better to your users or customers is the key to the success of a good IT service. That's why we have experts who identify the best user experience (UX) for applications. After identifying the right needs, our User Interface (UI) designers will ensure the actual implementation of the desired user experience.

Enterprise application integration

We can integrate your business applications where necessary based on the needs of the company. We can set up a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy for your application landscape where relevant business information is shared between applications or via an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), such as: Microsoft Azure Service Bus or BizTalk, NetIQ, IBM Websphere, Tibco, Talend, SAP, webMethods, Fuse ES8, etc.).

ERP applications

We can offer support for various ERP systems on the market. Some examples of ERP applications that we support are: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle JD Edwards, Sage, Syspro, Infor SyteLine, Enterprise IQ, Netsuite OneWorld, Epicor and IFS.

Information worker applications

We offer support for various cloud-based information worker solutions such as: Microsoft Office365 (e.g. SharePoint online, OneDrive, teams, groups, PowerApps, flow, forms, graph, Skype, e-mail...). Or Google G-suite (e.g. e-mail, docs, sheets, slides, forms, site, keep, vault, apps,...).

PaaS applications

We offer support for various Microsoft or AWS based Easter applications in the following areas (not limited to): A1, Machine Learning, Big Data, Analytics, Databases, Developer Tools, DevOps, Identity, Integration, Internet of Things (IOT), Management and Control, Security, Web services.

Cloud computing

II Is your organization ready to go to the cloud? We offer support for migrating your infrastructure to Microsoft Azure or AWS (laaS) cloud-based services. We first thoroughly assess the suitability of your current infrastructure and application landscape. Then we make a high-level blueprint to determine whether there is a business case for moving certain services (in phases) to the cloud. We always strive for a smooth and seamless migration without disruption to your business!

Data centre management and monitoring

We can manage your data center (vendor-independent) in the following areas: storage, networking, (converged) computing. Our remote support services in these areas are available worldwide. Please contact us if there is a demand for on-site support. For example for housing, cabling, cooling and power consumption, network hardware, server hardware, storage hardware. On-site support is limited to certain regions.

Application management and monitoring

Our team can manage the entire application management lifecycle for your business. We can perform software updates, health checks, capacity monitoring and management, performance monitoring and tuning, incident handling and recovery, change and release management, version management, configuration management, technical support, functional support.

IT service management

We offer a wide range of IT processes (derived from ITIL) to properly manage and control your IT environment. Our service desk is available 24×7 (on request) to handle all kinds of requests from your company. Changes relating to IT services are carried out in a highly controlled manner. Our change process thoroughly evaluates the impact on your processes before implementing a change. Our Service Strategy and Service Design processes ensure a balanced, cost-efficient and future-proof IT service portfolio.

Security as a Service

We offer Security as a Service for your entire IT environment. Our service consists of periodically assessing your IT processes, structurally testing the degree of penetration, assessing system and application vulnerabilities and resolving any security issues. We can also periodically assess whether your IT environment meets certain standards (legal, ISO/IEC, PCI DSS, etc.) to which your organization must adhere. We provide reporting to solve any problems ourselves or let us do all the hard work.