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IT Crowdsource lanceert binnenkort een nieuw platform voor freelancers!

Workplace migration

For a large municipal customer with 900 users, IT Crowdsource provided the project management for the migration to a new ICT workplace. In the first instance, immediate attention was paid to sharpening up the assignment itself. We think it is extremely important that the assignment is well and clearly formulated. This ensures that projects can be realised with the right desired outcomes.

Clear objectives have been formulated with which the new ICT workplace must comply. A set of functional and non-functional requirements have been drawn up that form the basis for the renewal of the ICT workplace. For example, the performance requirements of a number of core applications within the organization were examined. 

An extensive inventory took place on the application landscape after which this application was transferred to the new ICT workplace. The applications were then tested by functional administrators, so-called key-users and end users themselves within the new ICT workplace. In the next phase, a small pilot was set up to thoroughly test the new workplace facilities after which the final migration took place.

Coherence with other ongoing ICT projects, including extensive server migration, was also mapped out so that the entire transformation could be controlled and carried out flawlessly. During the migration there was also a consolidation of the existing applications. This resulted in a reduction of approximately 20% of applications in use.

During the rollout, due attention was also paid to user adoption. Among other things, an instructional film was made with which end users are adequately guided during the transition to the new facilities. Question beacons have also been set up so that end users can ask questions or encounter problems. For this purpose, a temporary professional ICT service with a resolving capacity was set up that was able to quickly pick up user questions during the project. 

The end users experienced the transformation as very positive, with good communication, helpfulness and support prevailed in the responses received. 

IT Crowdsource always pays a lot of attention to the human dimension during the execution of projects. This also makes us stand out from other ICT service providers!

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